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Beswick Collectables for Sale

Vintage Beswick Collectable Ceramics

Our selection of Beswick Collectables for sale. All our Beswick ceramics are original Vintage and made in England, we would never sell any of the recently re-issued models which are now made in China and not the same quality or age.

We particularly like Beswick figures and ceramics, please contact us if your require a particular item as we may be able to source certain figurines.


Persian Cat 1867 seated looking up

Beswick Cat large model 1867, white gloss with large green eyes, designed by Albert Hallam and seated looking up

The Winner 2421

Beswick The Winner Matte Ceramic Horse 2421

Persian Cat 1898 White Gloss later edition

Beswick Persian Cat 1898 white gloss later eidtion

Jentyl / Warlord Dartmoor Pony

Beswick Dartmoor Jentyl War Lord 1642 in bay gloss

Spirit of Nature 2935 white Matt

Spirit of Nature 2935

Spirit of Freedom 2689 white Matt

Spirit of Freedom 2689

Spirit of Peace 2916 white Matt

Beswick Spirit of Peace 2916

Spirit of Wind 2688 white Matt

Beswick Spirit of Wind 2688

Connoisseur Red Rum

Beswick Connoisseur Ceramic Model with Brian Fletcher Up

Mallard Wall Ducks with flower pockets

Beswick Flying Mallard Wall Ducks