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We have a selection of British Army and British Royal Navy marine antiques, memorabilia and war relics including WW1 and WW2. All items are original military antiques and will, therefore, have been used and carry genuine historical significance.

Militaria from Britain and its Commonwealth nations will, in almost all cases, carry the "Broad Arrow" mark, sometimes referred to as a "Crows Foot". Interestingly, there was never actually any legal requirement for this mark to be applied by the military and it is possible to find genuine military antiques without this mark. Our selection is small, but we can sometimes source an item on request.

Military Broad Arrow mark

WW2 MK3 Prismatic Officers Compass

WW2 Prismatic Pearl Officers Compass Marked with military Broad arrow or crows foot
WW2 MK3 Prismatic Officers Compass with pearl dial and broad arrow stamp


Royal Navy 19th Century Medicine Bottles

Admiralty mid 19th Century Apothecary or Medicine Bottles from British Military Ships
Royal Navy 19th Century Medicine Bottles, with Broad Arrow