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Telescopes issued for service to Military Snipers of the British Empire & Commonwealth Nations.

A telescope was an essential tool for successful sniping during the twentieth century. We have compiled a brief historical timeline of the various telescopes adopted and issued to sniping teams of the British Military and Commonwealth Nations.


Using a Bakelite Phone on a UK phone line

Our bakelite phones for sale Vintage Bakelite phones require a professional conversion to work safely and correctly on modern UK telephone lines. However, once completed there are still some limitations you need to be aware of and we would recommend you keep a spare modern phone connected to overcome these: Will a properly converted phone work on…


Choosing correct Shipping for Antiques and Ceramics, UK and Worldwide

We recently posted a brief explanation of our antique shipping choices on our google plus page. We talked about how we came to the conclusion to use a combination of Royal Mail and DHL for both UK and Worldwide deliveries. When using Royal Mail for worldwide deliveries we think it wise to only use the…