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Beswick Persian Cat 1898, Early Version

Albert Halllam

Beswick Persian Cat, 1898 in white gloss

Early Edition

Model No. 1898, PERSIAN CAT - Standing, tail erect. White (large eyes).

Designed by Albert Hallam and in production from 1963-1989 and standing 5 inches tall with lovely green eyes.

This is an early edition model, most likely 1963 or within the first few years of production. There is extra detail in the mouldings, noticeable in the fur and ears. Additionally, there is also some extra detail in the painting and tinting of the fur.

As with all our models we only sell the Vintage original editions, which were made in England.

There is an oval Beswick Backstamp on the underside of the cats front left paw, it is very feint but it can be made out on the last image if you use the ZOOM facility by clicking inside the image. The detailed photographs and bright lights pick out more detail than can be seen with the eyes

Beswick Persian Cat early edition 1898
Beswick Persian Cat, 1898, white gloss, Early model.

We also have a second Persian cat with a circular backstamp on it's tummy. It's a later edition and lacks a little detail compared to this earlier edition. Interesting to compare the two.


Excellent condition with no damage or restoration. The Beswick black oval stamp is on the underside of the front left paw, it's rather feint, but definitely there.

Height: 5" (12.7cm)

£40 + p&p

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Beswick Persian Cat early edition 1898

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