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Nelson Crested Miniature Jug

Locke & Co, Blush Ivory Porcelain

Nelson, Lancashire Crested miniature Blush Ivory Jug

Nelson Borough coat of Arms with the crest showing a red cock holding a sprig of the cotton tree. The main shield with three Lancaster red roses and two reed hooks above a hanging pig. Wording on scrolled banner "By Industry and Integrity".

Locke & Co miniature porcelain sparrow beaked Jug in blush ivory with gilded rim. The crest is printed with further applied enamel.

We have a small collection of miniature blush ivory, including a Red Dragon of Wales miniature Blush Ivory Vase from Locke & Company and would be happy to combine postage.

Please note this is Miniature Jug, standing 6cm high and just under 6cm at it's widest point..

Locke & Co miniature porcelain jug with a crest of Nelson Borough, Lancashire coat of arms with Lancaster red roses
Locke & Co miniature Miniature Jug, standing 6cm high


Condition is virtually as it would have left the Shrub Hill factory over 100 years ago. There is a tiny amount of wear to the gold on the rim.


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