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Locke & Co, Worcester Porcelain

Locke & Co, Porcelain

Edward Locke worked in the modelling department while at Royal Worcester Porcelain during the same time as his friend James Hadley, we have compiled a brief history of Worcester Porcelain. He went on to set up Locke & Co Worcester on 1896 and his own factory works at Shrub Hill, he also rented some of this factory space to James Hadley.

The porcelain produced was very similar to Royal Worcester, so much so that Locke & Co and Hadley were taken to court in 1901 by Royal Worcester to prevent them using the title Worcester on their porcelain without making it clear they were not produced at the Royal Worcester Porcelain Factory. Following the agreement in 1902 they were made to clearly distinguish their goods from those of Royal Worcester. Following this the back stamp for both Hadley & Sons and Locke & Co was changed.

Lock & Co Green printed worcester Backstamp

Backstamp marked Locke & Co, Worcester, England are c. 1898-1902

Backstamp marked Locke & Co Ltd, Shrub Hill Works, Worcester are c 1902 - 1914

The factory went into decline and was closed in 1914.

Locke & Co

Locke & Co Miniature Blush Ivory Cup and Saucer

Locke & Co miniature blush ivory cup and saucer with bootle crest
Bootle Crested miniature Blush Ivory Cup & Saucer

Locke & Co Miniature Blush Ivory Jug

Liverpool crestware blush ivory worcester procelain jug
Liverpool Crested miniature Blush Ivory Jug

Locke & Co Miniature Blush Ivory Jug

Nelson crestware blush ivory worcester procelain jug
Nelson, Lancashire miniature crested blush ivory jug

Locke & Co Crested Miniature Blush Ivory Vase

Red Dragon of Wales crestware blush ivory worcester procelain jug
Locke & Red Dragon of Wales miniature Blush Ivory Vase