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City of Liverpool Crested Miniature Jug

Locke & Co, Blush Ivory Porcelain

Liverpool Crested miniature Blush Ivory Jug

Crested with the coat of arms of Liverpool City, England. With the two Liver Birds and the words DEUS NOBIS HAEC OTIA FECIT, meaning "God has bestowed these blessings on us". The Liver birds (Cormorant's) with seaweed in their mouths, with Neptune and his trident to one side and blowing a shell horn the other.

Locke & Co miniature porcelain single handed sparrow beak jug in blush ivory with gilded rim. This has the slightly older backstamp c. 1896 - 1902.

We have a small collection of miniature blush ivory from Locke & Company and would be happy to combine postage.

Please note this is Miniature Jug, standing 6cm high!

Liverpool crested single handed miniature worcester blush ivory sparrow beak jug
Locke & Co miniature Miniature Sparrow Beak Jug, standing 6cm high


Condition is excellent and almost as it would have left the Shrub Hill factory.

Price £15 + p&p

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City of Liverpool coat of arms on miniature crestware jug

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