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Catnip Kitten

Royal Crown Derby Paperweight

Collectors Guild Exclusive Catnip Kitten Royal Crown Derby Paperweight

Catnip kitten was only ever available in 1997 and exclusively to the Royal Crown Derby Collector's Guild. Decorated in russet and blues, with the catnip plant painted in gold laying upon the sleeping kitten. Hand painted with superb detail and benefits from being signed by Royal Crown Devon artist Cheryl Hallam.

Modelled: Robert Tabbenor

Decoration Designed by: Louise Adams

Hand painted and signed by: Cheryl Hallam

We have two further paperweights hand painted and signed on the base by Cheryl Hallam, Majestic Cat and Grey Kitten

Royal Crown Devon Catnip Kitten
Catnip Kitten Royal Crown Derby Paperweight, 3" Wide.


2nd Quality with Silver Stopper, however free of any polished away, scratched or struck through backstamp. We have examined and identified the reason for the silver stopper as opposed to a gold stopper; there is a 1mm area within the russet tail, pictured in last image and price adjusted accordingly.


Catnip Kitten Bone China Paperweight by Royal Crown Derby

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Catnip sleeping kitten in russet and grey, with blue and 22 carat gold overlay catnip plant Rear of Catnip Kitten, showing sleeping kitten only available Catnip Kitten, deep russet and grey pattern designed by design Louise Adams Royal Crown Derby Collectors Guild Exclusive Catnip Kitten backstamp and hand signed by Cheryl Hallam Tiny painting flaw in kitten's tail is reason for silver stopper