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WW2 period Snipers Spotting Telescope, Scout Regiment MK.II.s

Late WW2 Broadhurst Clarkon Ltd, Broad arrow stamped

Broad Arrow Stamped Snipers Telescope & Leather Case, O.S.126.G.A Introduced 1939

The MKII.s Scout Regiment Telescope was first introduced in 1939 at the start of WW2 and soon after supplied as an integral part of the sniper's No4T kit chest issued alongside the Holland & Holland modified Lee Enfield No.4(T) sniper's rifle, matched scope, officers prismatic compass, etc. The 20x telescope provided a good balance between ease of use/weight, acquiring targets, and locating other snipers.

This Scout Regiment MK2.S snipers spotting telescope is stamped with the British Military broad arrow, confirming service issue and other marks showing the model number OS.126.GA, eye piece stamp O.S.1616.S.A, maker Broadhurst Clarkson Ltd and serial number places c1945 or very late 1944. The 26970 serial number and original thermoset cladding make this example a good match for a late No4T or L42A1 sniper rifle.

This WW2 Scout Reg example would make a fine addition to any collection. Collectable in its own right as a WW2 spotting telescope, it would also make a correct period addition to a No4T or L42A1 chest.

As with all our scopes, this is 100% correct, complete and period throughout, including the original correct case and shoulder strap and should not be confused with the ridiculous fakes in circulation.

Sniper issued scout regiment telescope maker Broadhurst Clarkon Ltd,, Tel.Sct.Regts. MK2 OS 126 GA, leather body with sun shield and blued drawers with military broad arrow stamp.
WW2 Period, c1945 Broadhurst Clarkon Ltd, with excellent patina and remaining bluing, leather cladding.

50mm Objective Lens, 270mm length retracted, 810mm extended (inc Ray Shield).


The optics have been cleaned and checked, and both external and internal optics are original and correct and produce a pin-sharp, detailed image as the scope would have done over 80 years ago.

The drawers are in superb condition, with aged-related patina and original bluing. We have replaced and adjusted the gland linings, and the telescope is true and straight. The drawer extension is as it should be: smooth, firm and feels airtight, and the focusing tube drawer movement is smooth & fluid throughout the entire focus range while holding the focus position if required.

The case and strap are correct and original to the telescope and in superb condition for these scopes, with only some of the typical wear and scuffs usually picked up during service. The fitted leather case is a snug fit around the telescope, and all the stitching and loops are in perfect solid condition. The leather case has a complete maroon velvet internal liner to the inside and end cap. The case and shoulder strap buckles are in superb condition and retain all their original leather stitched coating.

There is a slight flat spot to part of the main body, picked up from service use and where your hand would naturally fall. The thermoset cladding on the body and ray shield is in excellent condition, 100% complete with no missing areas or delamination, its all solid and complete. On very close inspection of the high-magnification images, there are some tiny hairline cracks on the surface of the thermoset coating, which is typical of these scopes.

The achromatic lens assembly is clear, with no chips or haze and minimal signs of use/service.  The optical image on this scope is superb and as good as Scout Regiment Telescopes get.

The anti-glare filter to the eyepiece is clear and slides securely in and out of position. The Ray Shield movement is smooth and holds the position extended and retracted.

As mentioned, the optical performance is excellent, pin sharp, and easy to focus.

A genuine military issue c1945 MK.ii.s scope, 100% complete and correct throughout, excellent optical quality, cleaned, serviced, original leather case & strap, and entirely usable. This would be perfect for helping complete the equipment schedule for a No.4(T) or L42A1.


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